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fishcake / The Fishcake 🐶🐾🐟🎂🇯🇵
2024-04-01 10:59:22

fishcake on Nostr: April’s fool or real deal? 🐶🐾🤣🤔🤥 https://i.nostr.build/nW3Ro.gif ...

April’s fool or real deal? 🐶🐾🤣🤔🤥
GM Nostr community! 🤘
There is a new fun job opportunity for a social media manager: Super part-time, super flexible. Must know dead-bird app (Twitter/X) and bonus points for knowing a purple-bird app (💜)
Must have some experience in social media, but not like super senior, so this is ideal for a career-starter who wants to get into the industry.
Spanish language desirable but won’t be a deal breaker if you no puedo hablar.
There is a possibility of going full- time eventually.
Shoot me a dm if that’s who you are or know the right person! And please share this note! 🫶

#bitcoinjobs #jobstr #bitcointalent
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