What is Nostr?
|⠀Ann, 23⠀|⠀Rus / Eng⠀|
|⠀мудрец, философ, художник, воин⠀|

|⠀As to myself, no, I have closed by soul. I tell no more to anybody what I believe, what I think, or what I love. Knowing myself condemned to this horrible solitude, I look upon things without expressing my opinion. What matter to me opinions, quarrels, pleasures, or beliefs! Being unable to participate with anyone, I have withdrawn myself from all. My invisible self lives unexplored. I have common phrases for answers to the questions of each day, and a smile which says, 'Yes,' when I do not even wish to take the trouble of speaking. Do you understand?⠀— from Solitude (1884) by Guy de Maupassant⠀|
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