What is Nostr?
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2023-07-17 02:21:32
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pr on Nostr: very cool proposal. structured approach to code management is the future. like what ...

very cool proposal. structured approach to code management is the future. like what we can see with unison language.

there are some worries about sandboxing and isolation but that's something that can be improved later on after initial experiments.

i would also prefer capability to distribute wasm module which is interpreter for other higher level language that will be able to execute code from events containing that higher level language. but the composition is the key even if you use multiple different languages for different aspects the system.

expressive power of javascript/typescript type of language is very limiting when compared to, for example, prolog where the same code can be re-used in many more ways which is valuable if you want far and wide reuse. meta-interpreters and program synthesis are easy in languages like prolog.

also as it looks rn it's very web tech specific (DOM elements etc) but what's beautiful is that rendering is optional. execution environment doesn't have to render anything just execute code-carrying events enough for various other purposes.

if all tools to develop this core-carrying events are also published and distributed via nostr in the same form (after initial boostrapping process) this will enable more axiomatic and broad self-improvement process to emerge with ports to different execution environments and rapid exploration of new application domains.

can't wait to see where this goes..
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