What is Nostr?
SchreckReports / Ben Schreckinger
2023-05-19 16:53:17

SchreckReports on Nostr: Hi #[0]​, now that I’ve installed the Damus desktop app, I’m hoping we can ...

Hi jack (npub1sg6…f63m)​, now that I’ve installed the Damus desktop app, I’m hoping we can conduct another open NOSTR interview.

1. Between NOSTR, Bitcoin, Signal, Bluesky, open source LLMs, etc. … is open source code becoming a more important part of the internet? … or is there no real trend here?

2. Are there other open-source projects you keep a close eye on?

3. You’ve said you regret that Twitter became a company instead of an open protocol. But was an open protocol a viable path 17 years ago?

Have there been changes since then that make open-source a more viable model for more things?

(I ask because I see so much activity on Discord and GitHub to support these open-source projects, and imagine the sheer volume and quality of coordinated human activity going into open-source development must be much greater today than even a few years ago)

4. Are there political and policy implications if we’re entering a world in which more software is open-source? How do you think about that?

5. Where in the physical world do you spend most of your time these days?

6. How do you think about the relationship between NOSTR and BlueSky? Are they competitors? complementary?

Thanks for giving these a look

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