What is Nostr?
2023-03-27 05:08:14
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ringo2 on Nostr: well I pay for 10tb out... but no if you do the rough figuring it kinda works like ...

well I pay for 10tb out...
but no if you do the rough figuring it kinda works like this:

- user uploads image.
-10-30 relays pull that image and store it.
so each jpg or png stored is roughly going to inflate 1,000-3,000%.

if you start running imagemagick if you aren't doing that already on your front-end, then that would be a great help.

but overall, the protocol is broken in the way it's designed,
and what will happen eventually is the only people that will be able to actually run relays successfully when nostr scales are literally big data operations with millions of dollars...

i am almost 95% certain this is inherently by design.

there's actually nothing great about the "decentralized architecture," as it is currently posited.

there goal of "publish to the web" in a social sense isn't really attainable, there is no logical reason the entire internet needs a permanent record of what someone publishes. ever.

the http protocol did this already fairly well, but then the last 15 years of "smart" encroachment and lack of technical folks making decent tools for people to create basic websites, made this all fall flat.

we need another thing like geocities, imho.

it's a much better way to share things than in real time and fragmented attentionspans.

--- fragmented attention sharing focuses on risk/reward/ego stroking, versus supplication and sharing of personal identity, goals, morality and ethics, and is short lived, and highly temporal.

anyway just some thoughts..

okay so i have a blog right? sometimes when i post a link on nostr for a blog, i get over 1,300 hits to that article. i don't know if it's pulling all the media ( could look at apache logs but havent gotten that drill down just yet)

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