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Mutiny Wallet
2024-04-02 14:30:33

Mutiny Wallet on Nostr: Release time! In our biggest update yet, we've completely redesigned the home screen, ...

Release time!

In our biggest update yet, we've completely redesigned the home screen, added a nostr-based profile setup walkthrough, and have finished our initial fedimint integrations by adding a federation discovery & recommendations!

Most lightning wallets these days are what we call "invoice-oriented." We want to go back to the basics to solve what people are really trying to do: paying a person. We've added a new wallet creation flow to make the wallet about you!

The new version of Mutiny now allows you to create a new nostr profile, or import a nostr private key from an existing profile. From there, you can now DM other mutiny & nostr users to send or request money directly from the app. No more copy / pasting invoices!

To double down on social, we've redesigned our home screen to put people first. We now include a row of recent profiles for quick access. We also now have tabs on the home screen for looking at your payment activity, your friend's zap activity on nostr, and your payment requests.

Next up, better fedimint support!

Mutiny has had beta support for the fedimint protocol for a couple of months now. Instead of opening a lightning channel on your first receive, with a minimum of 100k sats, you can get started on a fedimint with just a few sats.

This new update adds a way to discover available fedimints to join. Naturally, the discovery process is powered by an open protocol built on nostr. You can see who recommends a federation, and add it with one click.

You'll automatically receive funds to that fedimint, as long as the amount is smaller than 200,000 sats, and you'll automatically spend out of that fedimint, with a fallback to your regular lightning balance. You can also swap from fedimint to your lightning balance at any time.

Coming up shortly after this release, we'll be adding federated lightning addresses that lock incoming payments to your key, which you may redeem at any point by coming back online. We'll be rolling this out to Mutiny+ users first, stay tuned!

Let us know what you think! We're excited about this new direction and need feedback to help us continue driving forward.

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