What is Nostr?
Rusty Russell
2024-05-31 12:08:48

Rusty Russell on Nostr: #dev #cln This morning Shahana reminded me of an idea we had earlier to create ...

#dev #cln

This morning Shahana reminded me of an idea we had earlier to create "categories" for commands, so runes can filter on that basis. But choosing the categories is a bit of a research project which we never got around to, so we sat down and did it: described using keywords of each documented command, then tried to come up with a list.

The original motivation was the "read-only" commando rune: originally it allowed all list commands, and the getinfo command, except not listdatastore because that gave you access to the master rune itself! That's no longer true, but the point stands: some commands are read-only but reveal information which could allow escalation. ,(This is why when we added the command to list runes we called itshowrunes, not listrunes!).

When plugins add commands, you want it to be intuitive. If a rune allows the pay command, that won't allow "mpay" for example: the rune probably wants to say "you can send lightning payments" and cover all the commands that are needed, or can be used, to do that.

Anyway, the exercise resulted in a first list of categories, which we will play with as we implement: they need to be in documentation, as well as accessable to runes. And Shahana suggested the term "genus" (well , genera) instead of "category".
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