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2024-01-01 19:52:08

Gossip Client on Nostr: GOSSIP 0.9.0 has been released git: branch '0.9', tag 'v0.9.0' Upgrade Instructions - ...

GOSSIP 0.9.0 has been released

git: branch '0.9', tag 'v0.9.0'

Upgrade Instructions

- SQLite 3 code has been removed. If you are running version 0.7.x of gossip, you need to run a 0.8.x version of gossip at least once in order to keep your old data. Otherwise you can just start fresh.

New Features

- Person Lists:
Curate your own lists of people
View a feed of just those people
Save to nostr events, synchronize with other nostr clients.
Mark members private to save secretly in encrypted contents.
- Onboarding wizard: Steps a new user through what is needed to get set up
- Support for the new nostr CLOSED message.
- Tagging now works by just typing an '@' and the name and picking from a popup list.
- Restyle of DM Chat
- Restyle of Profile pages
- New login page
- Improvements to event deletion (multiple issues resolved)
- "show more" on long notes
- scrolling improvements
- name improvements (which name to use)
- Better tracking of threads and replies (reposts, replies via 'a')
- Command line commands: reprocess_recent, print_followed, print_muted, bech32_decode, bech32_encode_event_addr, print_relay, add_person_relay, print_person, import_event, print_person_lists, add_person_list, rename_person_list,
- Relay communications are kinder to relays
- Documentation reworked
- TLS now defaults to rust code, but native (operating system provided) root certificates.
- Restructured as a library and a binary, so that people who want a different UI are free to replace the UI while continuing to use the underlying library.
- Lots of little things I didn't bother to add to this list. See the git history for the whole truth.

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