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2024-02-07 11:33:33

aljaz on Nostr: Bitcoin needs more than just developers, it needs users. Users of software that ...

Bitcoin needs more than just developers, it needs users.

Users of software that report bugs, users of the chain that transact on it.

It needs creative thinkers to figure out new business models or improve old ones.

It needs critical thinkers to see through the meme wars and think from first principles what makes sense and what doesnt.

It needs business people that have experience running companies to help translate the message of bitcoin to all industries.

It needs marketing people who can shape the message and help builders reach wider audiences and help them explain things to the normies.

It needs privacy advocates to help educate people about the importance of privacy.

It needs UX designers to make products usable to everyone.

It needs power grid companies to expand their production and help push the humanity forward on the kardashev scale.

It needs artists to portray it and deliver the message that transcends words.

Bitcoin needs everyone and everyone needs bitcoin.
Bitcoin literally needs you.

We need more people writing code, experimenting with it, just having fun. You don't need to start a company. You don't need a brilliant idea. If you don't know how to start, read the code and submit bug fixes for the software you're already using.

If you're a dev and you're on the brink of joining or would like to but you don't know how, my DMs are always open to you. Even if I take a bit to reply, I'll help you find a task or a challenge as best as I can.
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