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2023-06-24 02:36:36

Gossip Client on Nostr: GOSSIP 0.7.0 has been released git: branch '0.7', tag 'v0.7.0' - UI: Side Menu and ...

GOSSIP 0.7.0 has been released

git: branch '0.7', tag 'v0.7.0'

- UI: Side Menu and Theme updates
- Zap receipts (no zaps yet)
- Improved subscription for augmenting events (likes, zap receipts, deletions)
- Better muting
- Improvements in relay handling, including job persistence, timeouts, disconnection handling,
- More relay configuration settings
- Search much more extensive (still local only)
- Delegation: delegated events show in feed of person delegated from
- MacOS: cmd+enter submits posts; full size content enabled
- Multiple profiles (set GOSSIP_PROFILE to any profile you want, each kept separately)
- Proof-of-work progress logging
- Various bug fixes

SHA256 sums:

864cbb89c9f0adcdb12f84e43e6559611f64435783137f94fd8ae24c688d4446 gossip_0.7.0_amd64.deb
7553cfa9cc521dabc76917f3e5866ac3a502886aded09f517079b544f09cc71e gossip-0.7.0-Darwin-arm64.dmg
511ce16e8bb9a8335889c100205b304a780ba004af4599980f9ebabfa1300b98 gossip-0.7.0-Darwin-x86_64.dmg
23503cd594609044934c0eb8739d8f8d17345d61bb307f116a7571f195badf68 gossip.0.7.0.msi
702bd583d106ed3d142f7cf92eb86a681fa93a7e46c3a1643773374694242bf2 README.macos.txt
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