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Rusty Russell
2024-05-23 08:11:07

Rusty Russell on Nostr: #dev #cln Shifted gears today: there's a bug that Christian Decker brought to my ...

#dev #cln

Shifted gears today: there's a bug that Christian Decker brought to my attention. There's a Greenlight node where onchaind hasn't finished spending a HTLC tx, which shouldn't happen.

Weirdly, I have one of these on my node, but that didn't hugely surprise me as I have done experimental upgrades in the past and edited the db by hand on at least one occasion 😬

But now I know it's real, time to find out why. Since Greenlight restarts nodes all the time, it's pretty clearly a failure across restarts.

This code used to be trivial: on restart we would start processing the chain back at the earliest outstanding channel close. This was the exact same as if it was happening the first time, only faster. But replaying up to 100 blocks at startup is slow, so instead we recorded events on the DB and replay from there on startup. And I never really liked that code, but it *was* much faster.

But I would rather be simple than fast (as long as we're not preventing the rest of startup completing), and since there's a bug, it's a chance to simplify.

We *do* need to save the tx which closes the channel, and that's simple and fine. But then on restart we can simply walk through blocks starting with the one containing the funding spend, and tell onchaind about all spends. This is how onchaind works: we follow all txs which spend the channel output, and their children, and as an optimization it tells us to ignore txs it doesn't care about.

This didn't actually take that long to code, and as a nice side effect it will even work on pruned nodes, as in the latest release we now ask bitcoind to refetch old blocks if they're pruned.

I'll report what happens when I actually run it on my node tomorrow: onchaind does spam my debug logs with a huge number of messages right now, and it has been closed for 120,000 blocks!

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