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dontbelievethehype / Don't ₿elieve the Hype 🦊
2024-04-02 09:45:29

dontbelievethehype on Nostr: "I would never join a platform like Nostr if there's no way notes can be deleted" ...

"I would never join a platform like Nostr if there's no way notes can be deleted"

"Why is that?"

"Depending what kind of platform it wants to be, if you have content creators like on tiktok or Instagram and someone disagrees with what they say, on these platforms people go as far as finding out addresses and phone numbers and post them in the comments. Mods remove such things. If notes can't be deleted, such information stands there forever. It's dangerous and a no go"

Had a talk this morning following yesterday's discussions about safety on Nostr. This reply is hard to argue with. If you're a nym it doesn't concern you much. If you create "social media content" like videos or images and people even know or recognize you, they might do the worst things for the worst reasons and there currently is no way to prevent or stop that.

Thinking about this a lot today. It's a fine line between censorship resistance and people feeling safe to use the protocol in a way they see fit.

If we want to always have a couple of Bitcoin anons, ignore what I said. If we want mass adoption it's a topic we need to address.

Can it be addressed tho? Yes, but we would need to shift from absolute censorship resistance to something compromised. Maybe some community based reporting mechanism that relays comply with in terms of deleting said notes. We would still not have a central instance but the community guiding such things.

Should it be done? Up for discussion. Especially now that we have a main focus on the outbox model and blastr, it would make it way harder to implement something like that as notes get spread out on many relays that all would need to comply to some mechanism like that. Almost impossible if it's not a standard part of the protocol.

I know this is not a popular topic. I'm interested what people think about it tho.
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