What is Nostr?
2024-04-17 23:30:39

PABLOF7z on Nostr: 👀 ...


nostr clients always have this tension between:

✅ verifying signatures (bad performance)
🙃 "trust me bro" (no checking)


Next version of NDK is shipping with SO many performance tricks and improvements that I have zero chance of remembering what they were when I write the release notes.

But one of them is that.. fractions.

Developers will be able to configure a ratio of events to verify on a per-relay basis. For example, you could say "only verify 10% of events coming from each relay"

The cool part is that I can also compare signatures coming from different relays for the same event so evil relays can be detected even faster and kicked out.

I will make it possible later to save state of the "reputation" each client perceives of a relay, so that a client can start talking to a new relay with a higher ratio (e.g. 1.0 = "verify everything") and slowly transition to trusting the relay more (i.e. verify 1% of events).

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